Why Jordan Oil ?

Why the Jordanian Olive Oil?

Jordan is located geographically among the region and atmosphere of Mediterranean Sea specifically among what is called Al Sham countries or the Natural Syria. Scientific studies, with no doubt, assured that this region of the world has witnessed the first olive tree on earth since the features of soil and the atmosphere of this region are in accordance with the natural needs of the olive tree. From this spot, olive has spread to the rest of the Mediterranean Sea and the world.

Jordan is distinguished by having three different geographical regions (valleys for tropical circumstances mountain heights and semi desert). This geographical diversity led to a great variety of plants in sequence. Local and imported olive varieties which, have been found on Jordanian soil, create the perfect place for growing and giving.

Why The Jordanian Olive Is Considered As Unique?

1. This is due to the fact that there are local kinds which give oil a distinguished chemical, sensual, and sensorial features according as witnessed by world exports in tasting. Such kinds are: Nabali Baladi and improved Nabali.
2. The geographical diversity of the Jordanian environment led to a distinction in oil flavors depending on its source area. This gives the Jordanian oil spatiality from all other oils in the world.
3. Jordanian oil is considered well balanced, containing fatty acids as well as oleic acid (which is considered one of the monounsaturated fatty acids). This makes Jordanian olive oil very healthy and consequently it is recommended for people who have heart diseases, venosclerosis, and certain kinds of cancer.
4. It has a high percentage of vitamin e & antioxidants which participate in prolonging the age of cells and delaying aging.
5. It is chemically balanced, which makes it suitable for all kinds of food and dishes. Jordanian extra virgin olive oil is healthy for cooking and frying.

6. All picking processes are done manually and carefully. Therefore, olive pits reach the twister unharmed and undamaged which negatively affect on oil quality.
7. Jordanian olive oil is considered to be an originally developed products as farmers do not like to use fertilizers or chemical extirpative.
8. More than 90 % of twisters in Jordan are recent and supplied with developed twisting lines, which preserve the quality of oil.